DOGFISH dogfish ssd - Get more out of your computer by boosting nearly every aspect of performance. The dogfish ssd reads, enhancing boot-up speed, writes and multi-tasks at incredible speeds, application loading and multi-tasking performance. All dogfish brand SSD have three-year free technical support with new replacement. Dogfish ssd speed: the larger the capacity, the faster, and there are maybe a little discrepancies due to the different configurations of their computers More stable performance,an industry-leading 1.

75m hours mean time to failure MTTF and several error-correction technologies for lasting reliability. Dogfish ssd has read speeds of up to 540mb/s and write speeds of up to 500MB/s for faster application response times and boosted transfer speeds. You can be confident in the outstanding quality, performance, and reliability of every Dogfish SSD.

Msata SSD 500GB Dogfish Sata3 Internal Soild State Drive Mini Sata SSD Disk Including 16GB 32GB 60GB 64GB 120GB 128GB 240GB 250GB 256GB 480GB 500GB, MSATA - For the same product you may have to spend more or at the same price but with lower quality, neither of which will be the choice of a smart customer like you. Dogfish solid state drive is cooler, quieter, and more efficient than a hard disk drive. You trust us and we reward you with a most pleasant experience you may have when purchasing our product of high cost performance and first class services.

Our wide range of partnership includes world renowned companies like Lenovo, ASUS and beyond. Improves overall system responsiveness by 30% or more. You get the speed to easily run high-end applications like video games, HD media players, or creative software.

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Inateck Unterstützt UASP USB 3.0 M50 mSATA Aluminium SSD Gehäuse Adapter Case mit USB 3.0 Datenkabel für M50 mSATA SSD

Inateck - Die tatsächliche Geschwindigkeit ist durch die Konfiguration des angeschlossenen Gerätes begrenzt. Status-led für ständige Übersicht; Unterstützt Plug & Play, Kein Neustart erforderlich. Unterstützt m50 msata ssd 50 * 30 * 4mm; msata schnittstelle, nutzen Sie Ihre mSATA Fesplatten voll aus. Superspeed usb 3.

0 unterstützt transferraten bis zu 5GB/S. Unterstützt automatische schlaffunktion, das Gehäuse geht automatisch in den Schlafmodus nach 10 Minuten Inaktivität, dies spart nicht nur Strom sondern schont auch Ihre Festplatte. Kompatible systeme: windows / 7/8/10, MacOS 9. 0 und darüber, Linux.

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